Thursday 21 May 2015

AchieveMeet - an exciting event coming up in July 2015 at Canons High School

In September 2013, Canons High School hosted #TMCollaborate, a TeachMeet whose aims were: 1) to share experiences of effective collaborative working; and 2) bring teachers, departments and schools together in new collaborative ventures.

Almost two years on, Canons High, Park High and Bentley Wood School are joining forces once again to bring you AchieveMeet: a celebration of all the wonderful work that goes on inside and outside the classroom to help raise student achievement in its broadest sense. What exactly is ‘achievement’? Achievement is something that has been done or achieved through effort: a result of hard work.

This AchieveMeet, taking place on Wednesday 8th July from 5.00pm – 7.30pm, will be made up of presentations and information stalls from a wide range of staff across Harrow schools in a variety of different roles. We would like to hear success stories from teaching staff, tutors, LSAs, support staff, pastoral staff – essentially anyone who has played a big part in ensuring that our students have the opportunities to experience a sense of achievement. It may be a considerable improvement in their attendance/punctuality, it might be their commitment to an extra-curricular club, their perseverance to complete a challenging task, their student leadership (mentors, prefects, peer-listeners, literacy leaders, school council, etc.), and so many more things.

Ideas for presentations/stalls could include:
  • Mentoring
  • Student leadership
  • Academic achievement / progress
  • Improved student attendance
  • Successful and meaningful intervention
  • Any opportunity that staff have given students to feel a sense of personal achievement!

It will be a chance for staff to celebrate the hard work we all put in to give our students plenty of opportunities to experience success in some shape or form during their time at school. As the focus is on student achievement, the hope is that a wide range of staff in a variety of roles will be interested in being involved in this AchieveMeet, either as a presenter (individual or part of a group), or to set up an information stall if you're not fond of presenting, or as an audience member.


5.00-5.30: Refreshments served and opportunities to network with other attending colleagues

5.30-6.15: First batch of presentations

6.15-6.30: Break and networking opportunities

6.30-7.15: Second batch of presentations

7.15-7.30: Final words and networking opportunities

Please e-mail me if you would like to discuss this in more detail, or if you think you would be interested in getting involved.

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